Terms and Conditions

Minimum Purchase

  • The minimum purchase amount is $250.00 per order.


  • Registration is required to view prices and order.
    Click Sign Up and fill out the form to become a registered customer.
  • Customers must provide a valid resale tax id number when they register.
    Contact your state's Department of Revenue for instructions.
  • Non-US customers can put "International" for their resale number.
  • Customers in the state of California without a resale tax id number, please enter “No Number”. If you do this, you will be charged sales tax.

Product Images

  • Images are taken with a high quality, digital camera.
  • All pictures are from stock and no touchups are made.
  • The images are reviewed for accuracy before being placed on the website.
  • Every computer has different color settings.
    We are not responsible for the color settings on your system.
  • The text description should be given more weight when considering ordering an item than the shades of color in the image.
  • Slight differences in color hue between the website and the physical item is possible. This is not grounds for returning the item.
  • Major differences in color between the website and the physical item or wrong picture for the item is a mistake. Please notify us immediately. Our email address is info@bijouamani.com.

Payment Types

This is a list of payments we accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Wire Transfer

Payment Terms

  • All orders are prepay.

Credit Cards

The site www.bijouamani.com uses the gateway payment company called “Authorize.Net”. Authorize.Net is a very secure company and accepts most major credit cards. The site www.bijouamani.com has set few added security option. For this reason all buyers are required to input the CVV/CCV (Card Verification Value / Card Code Verification). This is a 3 to 4 digit number on all major credit cards. Furthermore, an order will NOT be processed if the billing does NOT match the address on the card. Lastly, Authorize.Net will ONLY accept international credit cards if customer provides us with the following:   

        1. Two references from two different businesses in the United States that the customer has
            done business with for at least three months.

2. Copy of business license/resale id number.

 Wire Transfer

  • Before we do any work on your order, we will wait for your wire transfer.
  • We will email you wire transfer instructions when you pick the "Wire Transfer" payment type.
  • If you do not get instructions within one (1) business day, email us asking us for instructions.
    Our email is www.bijouamani.com. 
  • Always include your order number as part of the information you send with your wire transfer.

Discount Policy

Selected items have quantity discounts and these are stated in the item details on the website and the prices will be reflected in your cart when you add the items to the cart.


  • When orders are received during business hours, the workers at www.bijouamani.com will try to get the order out the same day otherwise all orders will be processed and shipped out at a maximum of two business days.
    Larger orders may take longer to ship out. For shipping rates and arrival times please visit the specified shipping carrier with the tracking number that was provided. 
  • We use FedEx and USPS as our shipping method. 
  • Costs vary depending on weight, size, and destination.
    There is a $3.00 handling fee on all shipments.
    Shipping cost is not built into our pricing because it would penalize customers that shop in person. 
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct before finishing your order.
    Errors will cause the package to be shipped to the wrong location and give you an invalid shipping
  • There is a $17.00 charge for changing the shipping address.
    This is the fee FedEx charges. 
  • We do not ship to PO Boxes because there are too many missed packages. 
  • You cannot ship to a P.O. Box when signatures are required.

Refused / Unclaimed Shipments

  • Refused or unclaimed packages will be charged a 20% restocking fee plus all shipping costs.
  • Refused or unclaimed packages that are re-shipped will be charged additional shipping costs, but no restocking fee.


  • All requests for any claims on your order must be made within 5 days (including weekends) in receipt of the merchandise, according to the tracking number. 
    Any requests made after the fifth day will be refused with no exceptions
    In all cases, reimbursements will be made by store credit, no exceptions
    All returns will be processed through email to keep all records.
  • All requests must be submitted to rma@bijouamani.com, including your order number, style number, explanation of the return, and picture of the merchandise, if necessary (must email a picture if you claim a merchandise to be defective).
  • Returns must be shipped out on the next business day of our request and a tracking number must be emailed to rma@bijouamani.com. Do not ship out your return prior to our authorization. 
    Any unauthorized or late shipments will be rejected with no exceptions.
  • When returning items, include a copy of the invoice you received with your order.
  • Any returns not shipped within 10 days in receipt of the merchandise according to the tracking number will be cancelled.
  • There will be no exchanges. 
    If you have a missing item, once we confirm it from our records, we will give store credit for the missing amount.
  • We do not issue call tags for returns.
    You must make shipping arrangements to return the merchandise.
    Use a service that has tracking or delivery confirmation.
    We are not responsible for returns lost in transit.
  • Ship returns to:
   Bijou Amani - RMA(XXXXX)
      Attn: Customer Service Dept PMB41
      1501 India Street #103
      San Diego CA 92101
  • In receipt of your return, we will make reimbursements by store credit only.
    Any type of non-defective return will be subject to 25% restocking fee and shipping will not be reimbursed.
  • Please mention your store credit on your next purchase so we can apply this credit onto the order.
  • Order cancellations will be accepted if a written request is emailed to orders@bijouamani.com before we have processed your order. 
    Once the order is processed, your request to cancel the order will be rejected.
  • In line with other importers in our industry, we reserve the right to discontinue business with anyone we deem to be abusing or overusing returns. 
    If you have a question about an item, contact us before purchasing and returning items that were not as you expected.

 Merchandise Warranties

  • There is no warranty on merchandise sold to your customers.
  • To report a manufacturing defect, email us an image of the item with your order number, the item number (if applicable), and the nature of the defect.
    Our email address is orders@bijouamani.com
  • Merchandise that has damage should be handled as shipping damage.
    Follow the Damage Policy.
    All merchandise is examined by a picker and a packer before shipment.
    Items are undamaged when they leave our warehouse.
  • Defective merchandise will be credited to your account for future orders.
  • If you have a credit, please include a reminder note for us when placing your next order.
  • We may ask for the defective merchandise to be returned.
    If we do so, we will provide additional instructions to you
  • We reserve the right to disallow store credit or refuse future shipment to anyone making false claims of any nature.